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Knowing What is Important

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Title: Knowing What is Important

     We all can and will learn the new code.  I worry that limited budgets will be spent on checking multiple load cases and seldom governing conditions and not on connections and load paths.  How will the new AISC code (ASD/LFRD) change the building or other structure.  I am continually amused at how we keep trying to get the last 5 or 10 percent capacity out of a frame or beam.  Seismic governs many of the structures I design.  There is no way I know the stress level under any seismic event with in 10 percent.  What actual "Live" load a platform or building floor will see is well beyond my crystal ball.  The problem with thick complicated codes ASD or LFRD is people worry about meeting the code and forget they are building a structure.  Things like load path and constructability will keep a structure standing much longer then weather it was designed by ASD or LFRD.  The code is for the lawyers, Engineers build structures to stay in one spot. 

    Gust an "Old Fart's" Two Cents worth.

Acie Chance 

PS:  The next item on my to do list is to down load the code and start reading.