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Re: We're Not Getting Older, We're Getting DUMBER

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On Jan 25, 2006, at 2:11 PM, Eric Ober wrote:

I'm sure there are other reasons but I can't think of them at the
I confess, I'm not convinced. Calculation of live loading is independent of the methodology used to determine response to the loads. Anything modification you can make for load assessment (demand, right?) you can do for both limit analysis and elastic analysis. The P-delta effect is another matter. I presume you're saying that you do P-delta analysis only to determine changes in ultimate loading and that structural deformations aren't considered to have an effect under service loading.

As I said, professionally it's a matter of only cultural interest. Virtually all of my AISC related stuff has to do with machinery like cranes and crane supports. where service loading governs. I' done have any quarrel with the need for limit analysis for some structures in some situations--seismic response being the best example I can think of--but I've never (and still haven't) seen a persuasive argument for the LRFD approach as a replacement for working stress methods. If there were holes in the ASD approach they need to be fixed, and if the approach itself is clearly invalid then replace the whole thing--no question about that. But that isn't what happened when LRFD was mandated, and I think recent history of the AISC rules teaches us a lot about code promulgation and the role of the profession as a whole.

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