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Re: We're Not Getting Older, We're Getting DUMBER

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On Jan 26, 2006, at 7:37 AM, Gary Hodgson & Associates wrote:

The problem up here is that the people on the code committees have bought the party line and made LSD mandatory.
One of my very favorite books, _Design Paradigms_ by Henry Petroski describes the way that engineering design methodology evolves, basically by a cyclic process of learning from failure. Petroski uses suspension bridge development as an example, but I think you could find examples in a lot of other areas.

What Petroski seems to be saying is that engineering design, both the art and the science, evolve in a fairly orderly process. It's generally been the case with the ASME pressure vessel and piping codes and I think the profession is better off for it. It certainly ought to be the case for every other design code.
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