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Re: Ventilation

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On 26 Jan 2006 at 9:39, S. Gordin wrote:

> Good morning,
> Recently, I have to deal closer with the crawlspace ventilation
> issues. 
> According to CBC/UBC 2306.3 (IBC 1203.3.1), 1square foot of net-
> open area should be provided - close to the corners - for each 150
> square feet of the crawlspace. This means that for a 1600-sq. ft (say
> (40x40 ft) single-story house,about 11 sq. feet of vents (net) need to
> be installed, not counting the vents in the interior stem walls. 
> This, in turn, means that at each house corner there should be 
> anopening of 20" square (or (2) 14"x14"). If distributed along the
> walls (although it is contrary to what the code requires), there
> should be, say, (4) 6"x16"openings. 
> To put it mildly, in this position am not quite understood by the
> contractor or even by the architect. Any opinions?
> Steve Gordin SE
> Irvine CA

In the new IBC there is an exception to allow 1/1500 ratio of opening
to crawlspace sq. ft. if the ground under the floor is covered with
a vapor barrier.  Do you have that option under the CBC? If so,
does that change your position?

I'm a little lost as to what you are asking?  Can you ask a more
specific question, please?

Take Care,
Lloyd Pack

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