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RE: We're Not Getting Older, We're Getting DUMBER

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Sorry, I really mean no disrespect, but this is just a silly statement.

What you appear to be saying is "if deflection criteria govern, use ASD;
if strength governs, use LRFD."

MOST of us check both. Therefore, you're going to do the same amount of
work either way.

Limit-state plus LRFD, however, is a far more rational approach and more
closely resembles what you're actually trying to discover in analysis
and design.

Even then, all this is moot. Choose ASD using the 2005 AISC spec, and
you're going to end up doing just as much pencil-pushing as if you used
LRFD--but without, I think, all the benefits.

Oh, and while I'm trying hard NOT to be insulting, I might as well say,
that "specifying higher live load" represents the same effort as taking
the nominal live load--which after all, is rationally derived--and
applying the load factor (also rationally derived).

All you REALLY seem to be saying is "hey, you can escape using LRFD by
using ASD and doing a bit more work."

Yeah, right. Sounds like my teenaged daughter who, given good advice,
always considers the source. If it comes from her "stupid" parent, well,
she's just going to ignore it no matter how right it is.


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If there are things for which ASD isn't appropriate,
there are also things for which LRFD is not
appropriate, like serviceability checks for

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