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RE: We're Not Getting Older, We're Getting DUMBER

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>What you appear to be saying is "if deflection
criteria govern, use ASD;
if strength governs, use LRFD."<

That's not it.

What I'm saying is that to check deflection, you have
to drop the load factor and use I or S.  To call it
ASD is not exactly correct but you can't get away from
this thought process.

> MOST of us check both. Therefore, you're going to do
the same amount of
work either way.<

That's it.  As I said before, you have to use both
ways of thinking to check everything.

>All you REALLY seem to be saying is "hey, you can
escape using LRFD by
using ASD and doing a bit more work."<

That's not quite it either.  More to the point is that
there are other ways to get a uniform factor of safety
if that what your after.  Taken by itself, it
certainly wouldn't be reason enough to change.

BTW, thanks for trying so hard. <grin>


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