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Re: FW: Seismic loads on cantilevered retaining walls

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Please see book on " Displacement Based Aseismic Design Charts for Rigid walls" By S. Prakash, Y.Wu and E.A. Rafnsson.

Please see : The foundation Engineering Handbook Ed. by: H.Y. Fang 2nd edition. 1991 There is a chapter on "Earth pressures" By G.W. Clough and J.M. Duncan


>>> Pat(--nospam--at) 01/27/06 3:08 PM >>>
I believe that this was covered in the past, but I couldn't find enough
info in the archives....


I am trying to add a seismic component to a cantilevered retaining wall
(10' and less) for a public works projects.  We have reviewed the
Mononobe-Okabe equations, but do not like the answers we seem to be
getting, apparently because they do not allow for any deflection in the
wall.   Does anyone have any recommendations to simplify the analysis,
by applying some rational numbers to the retaining wall designs?


Thanks in advance,


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