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Re: How to medel temperature effect in RCC building using STAAD?

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Mr. Ashraf,
        +/- 20 degrees would be negligible for the types of structures I work with; never the less, I will try to answer your question.
        I think the answer to your question is changes in axial length alone is sufficient for your purposes but the following paragraphs might elaborate on this a bit.
        Building materials, and most other materials  for that matter, expand fairly uniformly in all directions due to temperature increases (and also the reverse for temperature decreases).  Your question will be better answered by answering the question "Does this change in element dimension have any effect on your structure?"
        For the most part there is virtually no stress effect in building framing members due to temperature change when all of the members are at the same temperature (with two exceptions).  Columns connected to grade (which, presumably does not move or shrink due to temperature changes) may experience bending due to becoming out of plumb due to length changes in beams connecting them.  X bracing elements connected to the base of columns discussed in the last sentence, will probably undergo a change in length which may be different from other framing elements, hence stress change due to an axial change in length.  I think STAAD should take care of all this automatically.
        Elements that are very wide, such as floor plates, metal decking, and wall cladding require consideration.  Usually this is taken into account by appropriate detailing to prevent leaking and other undesirable situations.  In most cases this is accommodated by the Architect rather than the structural engineer (except for bridge decks).
        Hope this helps.
H. Daryl Richardson
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Subject: How to medel temperature effect in RCC building using STAAD?

Hello all,
I have to include temperature effect in a RCC building for +/- 20 degrees temperature change. I am using member elements in STAAD for modeling the building . Is it correct to apply temperature effect for axial elongation alone?.
Thanks in advance

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