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RE: Concrete cover

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How are joints between the precast panels treated?  How is the bond
surface between the precast panels and the cast-in-place concrete slab

As long as the concrete surfaces bond, there are not unsealed joints
that let moisture or corrosives through, and the rebar is encased (per
Harold's comments), the panels should count towards the concrete cover. 

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Yes, as long as there is enough room for the plastic concrete to encase
the rebar.  That would be the dimension required between the form and
rebar predicated on the aggregate size and space provided.

This is common for composite concrete like Filigree and other similar

Harold Sprague

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>If a slab is being poured on top of two inch thick lightweight concrete

>panels as a stay in place form, will that two inches count as cover for

>post tensioning tendons and rebar? Thanks

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