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ASCE Gust Factor

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  • Elevated walkway (+7’-0”) with trellis (+15’-0”)
  • Trellis has a flat, solid, acrylic roofing material
  • No walls
  • Lateral resisting system is tension only cross bracing and flagpoles (cantilevered columns)
  • Basic wind speed (3 sec gusts) equal to 145mph





Since I am more comfortable with seismic design than wind design, I am hoping for some input from someone experienced with wind design please.


Here is my approach:

  • Open Structures: ASCE 6.5.13
  • Gust Effect Factor: ASCE Rigid Structure
  • Monoslope Roof: Figure 6-18



  • Since my roof slope is less than 10 degrees, should I use the 10 degree tabulated value?
  • It appears that the force will be the same for the roof and the walls.  True?
  • For ASD I increase the wind load by 1.33.  True?




Sharon Robertson, P.E.

Arcon Engineers


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