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RE: Roof Design Components and Cladding or MWFRS - ASCE7-02

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    In the commentary where it gives definitions, roof trusses are listed under both C&C and MWFRS. My understanding of this dual listing is that trusses must be designed for C&C loading; and if they are acting as part of a frame or some other element in the MWFRS, they must be designed for those loads as well.

Wesley C. Werner

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Subject: Roof Design Components and Cladding or MWFRS - ASCE7-02

I have a small fire to put out.

In design for wind on a roof, in the design of the trusses according to ASCE7-02, are these trusses to be based on Components and Cladding or on MWFRS?  We assume MWFRS because that is the main system for resisting wind.  However, Components and Cladding would indeed be used for connections and roof decks.  What are the engineers takes on these meanings?

Please reply ASAP.
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