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OT: Infant Education

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It is amazing to see an infant get up and play the piano, or do some other amazing feats.  The development crew's son (of, is quite amazing, by the time he was 3 months old, he was crawling more than 110 feet a day.  He was walking before 6 months. 

There is a violin instructor in Japan, who teaches children how to play violin EARLY.  Funny, the kids love to learn so much, they are so involved.  One story talks of a baby bending over for a bow, bending so low, he falls down on his front.  Quite a nice story.

The earlier the better.

It is the way children like Mozart of Leonardo DaVinci learned as children, I believe, that gave them the power to accomplish their feats going into adulthood.  Such knowledge, an infant is so capable of grasping, even though they don't respond, they are learning.  It is fun to watch our son look at the words in 4 languages, and the numbers as i mentioned before.  he is now on 32 !  imagine knowing 32 by just seeing a bunch of dots, and being able to immediately know that that is 32.

The answers to our questions about the world are in our children.  We just have to make sure they don't jump off a second story or burn themselves, or watch too much TV !