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RE: Bentley, AutoDesk, or Both

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I never understood this “it’s a nightmare” business.


Yes, it can be tough to keep “two skill-sets” in parallel, but in reality if you have regular need for both platforms, it’s not that difficult.


A few years ago, I needed to do both. It was interesting to note the pros and cons of each. From my perspective, it was a toss-up—Autocad seemed “better” for some things, and Microstation for others.


However, since then I’ve used Autocad exclusively, it’s just the way it has worked out. But if we ever begin to get some of the work we’re currently pursuing, that will require some use of Microstation, I have no doubt that we’ll be able to make the transition.


In a way, it’s too bad that “there can only be one” when it comes to major application platforms—like office suites or CAD software. End-users really need there to be a choice—if only so the competition helps prevent the sort of arrogant condescension to users exemplified by Microsoft and Autodesk, et al.


From: Jeremy White [mailto:jwhite(--nospam--at)]

Does anyone have a preference for Bentley over AutoDesk or visa versa?  I’ve only ever known one or two engineers that said they used Microstation in their design office.  Most use AutoCAD.  Some companies, so I’ve heard, try using both, but it’s a nightmare.