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Learning ability with age: WAS: Re: Bentley, AutoDesk, or Both

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I remember there was a time when I remembered everyone's name.  Then a few years went bye, and all of a sudden, I found myself always forgetting everyone's name.  Probably also had to do with people not wanting to pronounce my name the way it is: Re - foo - he - o and a few so many drinks at university.   It's really not a difficult thing, but I find it is a racial carry over from war with Mexico and continuing problems.  Too bad.  It is partly those kinds of attitudes that keep people from continually learning as well as teaching children alcohol is so great.

I really believe, that if there were complete trust on another level, not on the level of economics, or things material, but things between each other, then learning would never cease. 

Those that keep open doors in their lives, are those that keep their minds fresh, and with the flux. As soon as the flux is shut down, the learning curve begins to drop.

However, as infants when there is no concious memory to consider, the learning comes as an imprint.  There is no decision between right and wrong, there is only capacity to accept and trust what is given, and utilize that knowledge for the best of others, in the capacity that that trust is endowed upon that infant.

For older people, there is nothing different than their wisdom.  The elder with an open mind, can have so much knowledge to guide another into that the right open space, or the wrong open space.  Elders have more knowledge in this way.  They may not be able to learn as much through living through our hardened world society, but when they seek that inner connection with others, then they can become very good guides.

To say another thing, there are masters in our world that have overcome the capacity of the body, and are able with enlightened mind and body, to neither get old, nor to have to go through the process of birth, and growing up in hardened world society.  If Einstein were not to have smoked cigarrettes and put himself to rest through bad habits, he probably could have gone much farther.  But he was stunted by hardened world society in his upkeep of himself, and probably from the pressure of hardened world society upon his talents.  It is why some of these masters are not known, as they know that there will be persecution if they reveal who they are.