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RE: Learning ability with age: WAS: Re: Bentley, AutoDesk, or Both

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From: refugio rochin [mailto:fugeeo(--nospam--at)]
people not wanting to pronounce my name the way it is: Re - foo - he o


It's really not a difficult thing, but I find it is a racial carry over from war with Mexico and continuing problems.



Or maybe, like just about every other country in the world, Americans tend to pronounce foreign names in a familiar way.


For example, those of my acquaintance who speak Spanish as their first language, tend to pronounce my name “Beel.”


Well, my name isn’t “Beel,” it’s “Bill.” But I look up every time they use my name, even though they mispronounce it. It would never occur to me that their pronouncing my name in the way that’s most comfortable for them, is “racist” or insulting in any other way.


(Word to the wise: Very often our POV says much more about US than about other people).