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Re: Revit Structural and BIM

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            Jeremy White asked, “Any other B.I.M. aficionados out there?”

            Bob Garner asked, “Any fabricators or contractors out there who see any pitfalls?”

            Eli Grassley asked, “What about projects with other materials involved though?”


                        We are producing piece (fabrication) drawings – really, reports of what the model shows – now from our Tekla model for a parking structure. The A & E did not use Tekla to produce the contract drawings, but we shared a viewer with each of them and they are reviewing the approval drawings using the model. We ghosted designing in the model using precast concrete analysis and design software that can be used outside the model, too. We used it outside the model for real this time. Our next project with Tekla will not be so coy. The software works well but has so many features it is hard to find them sometimes. There is a very active users group and Tekla is very responsive – their usual response is, “Oh, you can toggle that on, here…” or something like that. When a bug hung our machines after much use and many regens, they fixed it promptly and the fix did not foul up anything else.

It is so powerful and so relatively new that it takes an effort to use it. We are expecting that we will start seeing productivity gains after our next project. Accounting and other material gains start about the same time.

It was developed from XSteel, so precast concrete is the other material, right now. Anything can be modeled and the API is sufficiently flexible that other design software could tie in.

Jeremy, I think you’re in Rockville. We’re in Winchester, Va. Come on out and visit us and we’ll be happy to show you what we can do. Bring your colleagues. Anyone else is welcome, too. It’s a long drive for you Southern California folks, though.

            Jim Getaz

            Chief Engineer

            Shockey Precast Group

            Winchester, Virginia