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Bentley Acquires RAM

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As you are aware by now, Bentley has acquired both Research Engineers
(Nov 22, 2005) and RAM International (Dec 9, 2005). I believe that this
is going to be of great benefit to users of both sets of products.
Development of both products continues at a rapid pace. Research
Engineers will be releasing a new version of STAAD within the next few
months, RAM will be releasing a new version of the RAM Structural System
this summer. STAAD will continue to focus on the general purpose market
(such as industrial structures, powerplants, transmission towers, etc),
RAM Structural System will continue to be special purpose software for
the building market. We have already had several meetings and
communications to determine how we can share resources to make each
others' products better, and do it more quickly. We will work together
to make our various product lines a coherent and complementary set of
design tools. The acquisition brings together a diverse and talented
group, plus provides the backing of a larger corporation. Of course our
integration with Bentley Structural will be enhanced and made more
robust. I believe that in the future, BIM solutions will be commonly
used on most projects; even with the BIM tools available today there are
many projects that could benefit from the technology. But our programs
will continue to work stand-alone, as they currently do, for those more
comfortable with that approach.

Regarding the work on linking the RAM Structural System with Revit
Structural, we are scheduled to release the Beta on February 14th. If
any of you are RAM and Revit users and would like to participate in the
Beta testing, please contact Liz here at RAM International:
Liz.Shulok(--nospam--at) We remain committed to that project.

Here are some links to the Bentley website regarding the REI and RAM
International acquisitions:

A link to the press release on the acquisition of RAM International:

A link to an "Open Letter" regarding that acquisition:

A link to the press release on the acquisition of Research Engineers:

A link to an "Open Letter" regarding that acquisition:

We remain committed to our clients, and we are excited about the future.
Please contact us directly with any concerns that you may have.

I apologize if this sounds like a shameless plug for our software, but
the issue came up, so I wanted to alleviate everyones' concerns.
Allen Adams, S.E.
Chief Structural Engineer
RAM International
(800) 726-7789 x113

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