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Perforated shear wall uplift

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2003 IBC section 2305. indicates that "perforated shear wall
bottom plates at full height sheathing shall be anchored for a uniform
uplift force, t, equal to the unit shear force, v." Where v is the shear
force for which the bottom plate shear transfer has to be designed. 

>From reading this it sounds like the intent is to design the anchor
bolts, or bottom plate nailing in platform framing, for these forces but
the commentary to this section and to section 2305. says
"Designing for a unit shear, as well as the uniform uplift force of
section 2305., that are based on the unadjusted shear capacity
provides a sheathing-to-bottom plate attachment such that the capacity
of the shear wall will not be governed by this connection." 

1.) Should these forces be used to design the anchor bolts/sill
attachment or the sheathing-to-bottom plate nailing?

2.) Should the forces of section 2305. and 2305. be
combined or checked independently?



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