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RE: Arch. Engr. Programs but no Arch. Engineers

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I always looked at it as analogous to a “D.O.” rather than an “M.D.” as your family doctor.

We don’t “differentiate” between those whose degrees read “Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine” rather than “Doctor of Medicine.”


FWIW, “years ago” when I worked for a well-known fabricator and erector of “steel plate structures,” all the engineers were just _________ (Company) Engineers. No distinction was made between various disciplines based on education. I even remember being amazed to discover that one of my compatriots was a E.E. by education.


I would recommend an Arch.E. degree to a prospective Structural Engineer who doesn’t want to bother with wastewater engineering and surveying in his academic career.


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I’ve had a question that I asked myself previously, but never came up with a good answer to.  The question is: Why are there Architectural Engineering programs but no architectural engineers?