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Lumber grading from small mills

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I've avoided this question in the past, but it seems to be knocking on my door a bit more recently...

How does a local builder get local lumber and timber (and logs, for that matter) graded? I've read about grading and certifying, and that they are different, but haven't a clue about the details. Is there a good reference for how (especially) rough sawn lumber can be used for modern structures built under the IBC/IRC. Some of this stuff is coming from actual small mills, and other stuff might be coming from a bandsaw-on-a-trailer operator who does taxidermy in the fall and taxes in the spring.

Now, I mentioned lumber because there's a little voice in the back of my head telling me that you can't get lumber sizes graded outside of a certified(?) mill, but I'd like to find out about timber sizes as well. If it can't be done, I want a thick document with which I can smite all the log/rustic style home builders (and owners) who waltz into my office. If it can be done, I want to know how so that I can draw up some guidelines to get aforementioned log home builders on the right track.


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