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Re: Arch. Engr. Programs but no Arch. Engineers

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This personal experience might explain why there is no Architectural Engineers. I graduated with an Architectural Engineering degree. After achieving my P.E. license in CA I opened my office and had the title Architectural Engineer on my letter head etc. After 10 years I received a letter from the AIA stating that I could not use the word "Architectural" because it was only for licensed architects and they would prosecute me if I did not remove it from the telephone directory and my letterhead. I wrote them a letter stating that my degree from the California State University system clearly labeled me as a graduate in the field of Architectural Engineering and that the word was used as an adjective and not a noun, therefore I was not claiming to be an architect just as "architectural widgets" are not making any claims on the architect's turf. The board was not amused so I removed that title from my directory and letterhead rather than go through a long expensive legal hassle with them.
Stephen Mace, P.E., N.P.T.B.A.L.A. (not professing to be a licensed architect)