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Re: Permanent metal forms for concrete

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I think you want to call out the deck (height, span, gauge, etc) that you want to use as forming since it will impact how you layout the rebar possibly relative to the up flutes and down flutes to try and minimize the amount of additional concrete being poured for the total slab thickness.  Also method of attachment: angle iron legders, welding, etc.  If its inaccessable the contractor is going to want direction from you most likely, so I would address it now instead of waiting to decide what to do in the field.  The building department will often not allow wood forming to remain in the void space depending upon the buildings construction type.  And as you said since its an inaccessible space, it may be difficult to impossible to remove the forming through any access hole left for that purpose.
Mike Cochran S.E.  SECB
In a message dated 2/2/2006 4:17:45 PM Pacific Standard Time, njineer(--nospam--at) writes:

To form the soffit of a concrete slab and ramp over a space that will become
permanently inaccessible, what is ordinarily done?  Is it generally left to
the contractor to provide appropriate forms?  This seems right, since my
Drawings are intended to show the completed structure, while forms are part
of the means of construction.

I'm thinking of metal decking.  If my Drawings should show the metal-deck
forms, who manufactures it for So. CA?  Verco does not seem to manufacture a
deck specifically for that purpose -- theirs is the only catalog that I have
in my library.

Nels Roselund, SE