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Repair CMU Wall

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I just looked at a CMU wall built in a U-shape to form a garage at the end of a house.  The exterior wall varies from 5 ft to 12 ft in height.  The back wall is 12 ft high.  The third side is visible from the crawl space and has the same height as the wall on the end.
A concrete floor slab was placed "inside" the walls.  It looks like from the shape of the deflected wall that there may be some minimal amount of reinforcing tied into the slab.
The 8" CMU walls are failing on all three sides.  Extensive diagonal cracks and blocks pushed out.
It does not appear that the blocks are reinforced or have any grouted cells.  The wall looks like you would expect - a mess.  The homeowner has tried parging with mortar mix and painting it to hide it.  Not a chance.
My thought is that to fix it, short of tear down and replace, would be new concrete walls around the perimeter.  Steel tie rods could go through the end and interior wall under the garage slab to tie the walls together.  The back wall would be tied with some kind of soil anchors.
Any thoughts or similar experiences would be greatly appreciated.
David G. Smith
Smith Associates
Gainesville, Georgia