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RE: Basement Walls (Slot Cuts )

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No, over excavation is not the designer’s responsibility. 


The engineer could specify that a special inspector be involved.


Sharon Robertson, P.E.

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Subject: Re: Basement Walls (Slot Cuts )


This raises a significant liability issue -- who is responsible if the contractor overexcavates (and the neighboring building settles)?  Is it really the design engineer's responsibility to get into the "means and methods" used by the contractor?

Ralph Hueston Kratz, S.E.
Richmond CA USA

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Just be careful with unruly contractors who get carried away with excavation. I was called to a job site on New Year holiday with over excavated cuts (in the range 20’ long instead of the usual 5’-8’). A big mess that affected the neighboring property and structure. Careful monitoring of the excavation is critical with this method.
Ben Yousefi, SE
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Subject: Baement Walls (Slot Cuts )


I have an apartment building project with an underground parking. The contractor is planning to construct the basement walls in segments of 8 ft. (slot cuts). The walls are to be constructed using ABC method, i.e., pouring the A segment first then the B segment then the C portion of the wall alternately.  I don't see any problem with this although I would have preferred a one continuous pouring. 


With the slot cuts method, initally I worry about the cold joints but since the basement wall is designed in vertical strip then I figured my worry is not justifiable.  Am I missing something?


I am anxious to hear for your input.


Thanks in advance.  I will appreciate it.



ASQuilalaJr., P.E.