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Re: ASTM A36

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On Feb 4, 2006, at 1:00 PM, Paul Ransom wrote:

A mill certificate is only useful if you can prove the delivery is from
the same heat as the analysis.
There are actually two different forms you can get. The 'certificate of compliance' is not a test report, just a statement by the supplier that the material meets the references ASTM specification. 'Mill test reports' are either heat or product analysis. Heat analysis mainly concerns chemistry, product analysis involves sampling the finished plate, shape or bar as practical. All this is covered in the applicable ASTM spec. At the very least insisting on this kind of documentation means that you have some recourse if you get the wrong material. You may also find that your suppliers start taking your requests seriously if you demand documentation because they realize they're on the hook if they ship you ferro-manurium instead of the material you ordered.

The foregoing applies twice over to trade-marked materials. I had a very unfortunate problem in a past life when we ordered T-1 for a pressure vessel instead of SA-517 gr F as we should've. We got T-1 all right, but it was a batch of specially hardened T-1 used for bulldozer blades and very brittle. We only found out about it when the weld bend tests came out screwy.

Paul and I are on the same page with this topic--material specification isn't kid stuff. I'm only nagging about this because it's so damn important.
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