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Qustion to Robert Mast About PCA Notes Example 7.8 Biaxial Loading

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I don't know how to reach Mr. Robert F. Mast in regarding to questions about PCA Notes Example 7.8 Biaxial Loading.
In the example, with Pn = 1846 kips; Mnx = 461.5 & Mny=192.3 ft-kips
f'c = 5 ksi and fy=60 ksi.
24" square column with 4#11 bars.
I ran the loads by pcaColumn version 3.61.  It did not calculate at all!
I have to use a 26" square column with 12#11 bars to make it works.
PCA Notes is such a good and accurate reference,  which makes me think that I have done something wrong.
So if any of you can pass my question to Mr. Mast, I will sully appreciate.
Sam Chang, SE