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RE: 1950's era timber properties

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Title: Re: 1950's era timber properties

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Subject: Re: 1950's era timber properties

Rest assured, that the lumber agencies are well-represented on our technical committees and we are updating our standards as necessary to account for any changes to the resource (although according to Bill P., we shouldn't be changing them too often...sorry Bill, but I couldn't resist that little dig there).


No problem.


FWIW, I wasn’t saying “you shouldn’t be changing them so often.” I was simply playing “devil’s advocate.”

This was prompted by the perennial discussion of “LRFD vs. ASD.” The fact that so many engineers are perfectly content with codes based on research or other supporting data that are nearly twenty years old, in the case of structural steel, led me to wonder why we bother advancing the state of knowledge at all, when “what we did then is just as good now.”