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Re: OSHA 4-bolt column anchorage

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Dave -

Bill is right:  it's a federal OSHA ruling.  As far as I
understand, there are no exceptions in 29 CFR 1926.755.
The rule can be found here:

Take a look at and search for "base plate anchorage".
It brings up quite a bit of info about the why's and wherefore's
of the 4-bolt rule.  For example:

Scroll down to "Section 1926.755 Column Anchorage" and you can see some of the testimony that was offered.

Personally, I suspect it would be greater total cost to go to
(e.g.) two bolts and guying to provide stability than to simply
design in the four bolts from the get-go.  Adding a process (guying
and un-guying each column) to the erection seems like it would add
cost, mostly through labor.  You might save a bit on the labor of
installing half the anchor bolts, but that seems like less labor to
me than installing and removing the guys.  Also, it seems that the
guys could potentially be in the way during erection of the girders.

Just my $0.02,


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