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Random testing should be part of the fabricator's QC, even if it is only
to keep their suppliers honest, their lawyers out of court and the bldg
owner's costs low.
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And of course, the owner's "costs" aren't going to be affected--in the
owner's point of view--at all by the addition of "testing" to the
project scope.

I can hear it now:

"What, you got a cousin owns a testing lab?"

"The contractor says that his supplier says they 'never' make mistakes."

And of course, the ever-popular:

"I been doin' these projects for twenty-seven years, and I ain't never
seen nobody call for no material testin' o' steel at the fabricator's!"

(N.B. I wonder why it's always "twenty-seven years." You can almost make
book on it, when someone mentions their venerable experience in
construction, engineering, architecture, development, whatever, it's
always "twenty-seven years" experience).

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