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RE: Structural cost

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Also check out:



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Subject: Re: Structural cost


Thanks Bill,


The site has some quite useful info.







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Subject: RE: Structural cost


Doing a little outsourcing, are we?


Best thing to do is get a copy of R. S. Means’ “Square Foot Costs” book.


From: Pankaj Gupta [mailto:3.sol(--nospam--at)]
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Subject: Structural cost




Can anybody specify a ballpark figure for the cost of structure (structural cost only minus the finishing & elec/HVAC/plumbing) for a normal 2 or 3 storied office or institutional building (like a high school) in USA.


Also what would be an average breakup for the material / labor cost ratio.


Just ballpark figures to get a rough idea.




Pankaj Gupta

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