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Re: House Inspection

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No. I'm a PE hired by the buyer or seller, and I consult only on issues brought to my attention by my client.  Nothing general, no overall recommendations.

No. Most engineers don't take the time for such small jobs. Those that consult with their legal council are even less likely.

No. I don't know of a single PE who is an inspector in my area.

Yes, which is why I have terms and conditions listed in my reports which mirrors the EJCDC liability clauses.  I'm also pretty careful with my wording of my findings, and of the scope of my work.


gskwy(--nospam--at) wrote:
My survey questions have never gone over real well, but I'll try another anyway.
How many people licensed as either PE's or SE's do house inspection?  I.e. for residential sales.
Do you actually represent yourself to the potential buyer as a house inspector or are you a consultant on one specific aspect to the house inspector?  If so, what aspect?
For those who do it,  is it common for engineers in your area to do house inspection (in DC house inspectors tend to be individuals who failed as contractors).
Is there a concern that being licensed as an engineer will make you more susceptible to litigation if problems subsequently surface?
Gail Kelley
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