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Wow, thank you for the info.
On Feb 8, 2006, at 3:19 PM, Suresh Acharya wrote:

Hi Joseph,
I have used both RISA and ETABS until 2002.

RISA is good at what it promises, and is simple.  But ETABS promises
more than what it can do reliably.

ETABS is full of bugs, so much that they produces patches every often.
Sometime results are riddiculous. Once I found the seismic mass was
wrong, although it calculated gravity reactions correctly. When plate
elements are used to model concrete slabs, it can generates meshes
automatically - but there is no connection between individual meshes and
the beams or girders - when you look at the mode shapes, you see they
are vibrating independently.

Modeling the main frames with ETABS is fine, as long as you verify
results manually. But I would not rely on ETABS' other builit-in
features which are meant to make you life easier, but in fact it may
make your life miserable.

When you call ETABS, you will be feeling that you are not talking to a
structural engineer, but rather more like a programner with some
engineering background. They are changing the user interface and
modeling concept (except, probably the core FEA engine which was written in FORTRAN at UC Berkeley) every often that everytime is loaded with new
bugs. Besides, they are still using Visual Basic to write routines -
that is the reason why it is sluggish even in new computers.

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