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Re: Risa3D vs. ETABS?

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Our firm has both Risa3D and ETABS, and we use them for different tasks.  Risa3D is primarily used for steel design, and ETABS is used exclusively for concrete design.  Both programs have their own strengths and weaknesses.

In response to the reply you quoted previously:  yes, ETABS does historically tend to have bugs, but CSI has been doing a better job of late.  I have been using the newest version (ETABS 9.0) on a high-rise project, and it has not given me very many problems.  I would be very reluctant to attempt to design a similar structure in RISA.

My recommendation would be to obtain a trial version of ETABS and see for yourself.  The user interface is very different from RISA's, but after having climbed the learning curve, I much prefer it.

Daniel Popp

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Subject: Risa3D vs. ETABS?

Anyone has experience with both Risa3D and ETABS? I am using Risa3D  
and am very happy with it but just found out that ArchiCad (by  
Graphisoft) which is my preferred Cad 3D BIM software has a link to  
ETABS. So I am investigating the possibility of implementing ETABS.
Joseph Harouni