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RE: Footing Retrofit/Replacement Ideas

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If you can get to all 4 sides of the existing foundation, the process is much easier. Basically you dowel into the existing foundation around the perimeter just to pick up the load for for shear transfer. On 2 sides of the foundation are transfer beams that go past the exising foundation and are then integrally cast to the 2 new foundation pads at each end.

               Conc Transfer Beam
| ________ | The existing ftg. is in the middle
|                |            |    New     |
|    New      |            |     Ftg      |
|    Ftg        |_______|               |
|                                              |
               Conc Transfer Beam

No underpinning is required.

Harold Sprague

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Subject: Footing Retrofit/Replacement Ideas
Date: Thu, 9 Feb 2006 09:50:06 EST

I have a project which limits me to having to upgrade a concrete pad footing
bearing area. The existing footing is  4' square x 12" deep. Here are my
initial ideas:

1. Underpin (this requires shoring supported beams)
2. Demolish and replace (this requires shoring supported beams)
3. Pad extension on two sides (may run into existing  reinforcement for
continuous flexural reinforcement  installation/coring)

Any other ideas?

Thanks in advance.

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