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RE: Rebar fy - Intermediate Grade Steel

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I have a copy of an article published by PCA in their Engineered Concrete Structures publication titled “Reinforcing Bar Specifications- 9111 thru 1968” by Gustav G. Erlemann which lists the Fy for the “Intermediate” as 40ksi with a Fu of 70 to 80 ksi.


Hope this helps.



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Subject: Rebar fy - Intermediate Grade Steel


I am analyzing a reinforced concrete structure designed and built in 1960-1962.  The only reference I have found in the drawings regarding the grade of steel reinforcement is a note indicating “intermediate grade steel”.  I need fy, the yield strength, for the analysis.


I have done some research in the internet and the current applicable standard for typical steel reinforcement, ASTM A615, was established in 1968.  It replaced ASTM A15 which was withdrawn in 1969.  As far as I have researched, ASTM A15 includes grades “structural, intermediate and hard”.  This seems like a good-enough lead to purchase it.  But before I make the investment, is anyone familiar with ASTM A15?  Are the “structural, intermediate, and hard” grades accompanied by an fy.




Juan C. Morales, P.E.

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