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Hurricane paths

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Copuld anyone point me to a source for historical hurricane path traces for the Caribbean area ? 
A client and friend is planning a project in the Turks and Caicos Islands, and I would like to give him some info on the hurricane risk.
Also, global warming is projected by some to cause sea levels to rise by several metres over the next 100 years.  That would put a lot of projects in the islands under water.  I wouldn't want to be building a beach resort in the low-lying islands if that turns out to be true.  Anyone know of a good source for this sort of info ?
Then how about tsunamis.  A 5 metre wave would swamp this resort like it did in Phuket, unless the coral reef wall stops it before it runs up the beach, and I suspect it would reflect or absorb it if the wall is nearly vertical.  Does anyone know of tsunami effects on islands surrounded by a coral reef ?  Were there any examples in December 2004 ?
Many thanks for any contributions,
Kevin Below


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