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RE: 12B19

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David -

The manual I pulled from our library is a couple of years newer than my
personal copy.  It shows copyright dates of 1963, 1964, '65, '66, & 1967.
It also indicates that there have been 4 "revised printings".  The preface
to each of these revised printings describes changes such as updates for the
joist specifications (steel joist info used to be included in the manuals),
clarification of angle properties to agree with the then-current spec.,
revisions bringing parts of the manual into agreement with recently revised
ASTM specs., and an amendment to the Code of Standard Practice.

So it would appear that there were both multiple printings and interim

By the way, the sticker price of this manual was $7.

John Goodman, P.E.
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		Thanks John.  Your information confirms my understanding
that the B series were incorporated into the W series.  That is, the 12B19
is essentially the same as today's W12x19.

		I checked on Ebay to see what older manuals are selling for.
I saw different publication years within each edition:  '50, '56, & 59' for
the 5th edition, '65 for the 6th edition and you're showing '63.  Could that
be mupltiple printing of the same editions?  Or were there interim updates?


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