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RE: wa se III

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I checked Washington's site and they don't list pass rates (at least that
I saw right away).

They do usually list pass rates in their Journal/Newsletter.  The last one
available (that was sent to me and is also available in PDF form online)
is the Fall journal which has last Spring's exam results.  I would expect
in the next month or two the "Spring 2006" journal will come with the Fall
exam results.

FWIW, past eaxam results (i.e. 2004 and 2003 structural III) are in the
journals on the website.  The 2004 results were that 86 people took the
exam and 18 passed (one of them happening to be me...that letter was a
huge relief) for a passing rate of about 21%.  The 2003 results were that
78 people took the exam and 19 passed (one them was NOT me...that years'
letter was a bummer...missed it by a hair) for a passing rate of 24%.
>From my understanding, that is fairly typical...the passing rate is on the
order typically of 20% to 30%...but some times even lower (I think that
there was a time or two that it was between 10% and 20%).

As Gerard said, don't stress too much.  It is not an easy exam.  It took
me 3 tries (although admittedly I did not study too much on any of the
tries...personally, I feel that I should not need to study hard for stuff
that I do day in and day out).

Now that I have that one under the belt and California's "special" seismic
and surveying PE exams taken care of, I should be done with exams by and
large (other than various state "take home" exams).  Yipppeee!!!


Adrian, MI

On Fri, 10 Feb 2006, Gerard Madden, SE wrote:

> Dave,
> For California, which may be exactly the same test now as WA SEIII the
> pass rates are here:
> Looks like for SE I & II the pass rate was 50% and for SE III the pass
> rate was 29.5%
> Perhaps WA has something similar on their Board of Engineer's website.
> Also, don't get too down on yourself, the test isn't easy.
> -gm
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> Subject: wa se III
> does anyone know the pass rate for october 2005?
> da
> part of the majority :(

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