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Re: Footing Retrofit/Replacement Ideas

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Micropiles are extensively used for this application. They can be drilled
from the ground surface, either through or beside the existing footing. Can
have capacities in excess of 300 kip each depending on the subsurface

If drilled through the footing, they can be bonded directly to the footing
(they are grouted with neat cement grout). Bond stress would be about 100
psi allowable in your case ( difficult to clean corehole through footing).

If installed beside the footing, can just tie to pier through steel beams.
In this case, they can be preloaded.

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Subject: Re: Footing Retrofit/Replacement Ideas

        I have two possible ideas for brainstorming consideration only.  I
would only use these with the advice of a geotechnical engineer.
        First: if the soil upon which the footing is permeable an
application of pressure grouting may consolidate the soil sufficiently to
increase the allowable bearing capacity and make any other repair
        Second: I once provided a second opinion for a scheme to remove
contaminated soil from underneath a number of row houses.  Under this scheme
small diameter "mini piles" about 2.5" to 3" in diameter were jacked into
the ground at about 4' centers around the houses and bolted to the
foundation walls allowing petroleum contaminated soil to be removed from
under the houses (including basement slabs on grade) and replaced with clean
material.  This was a large budget project; you'd need all of your fingers
(plus some toes too) to count the cost in millions of dollars.  This project
was completed successfully.
        In your case four such piles, either placed through holes cored in
the footing near the column or installed at the edges of the footing might
give you a combined pile/spread footing foundation suitable to carry the
        Just a couple of thoughts that may or may not be helpful.
H. Daryl Richardson

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	Subject: Footing Retrofit/Replacement Ideas

		I have a project which limits me to having to upgrade a
concrete pad footing bearing area. The existing footing is 4' square x 12"
deep. Here are my initial ideas:
	1. Underpin (this requires shoring supported beams)
	2. Demolish and replace (this requires shoring supported beams)
	3. Pad extension on two sides (may run into existing reinforcement
for continuous flexural reinforcement installation/coring)  
	Any other ideas?
	Thanks in advance.

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