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Re: retaining walls

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It was just a mental block, I was looking directly at this very section of the code. It was 81 degrees today in the LA area - too hot to work... 
Speaking of the weather, I highlighted the paragraph now, and will try not to disturb Scott Haan during the winter :). 
Steve Gordin SE
Irvine CA
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Sent: Monday, February 13, 2006 4:41 PM
Subject: Re: retaining walls

Try the appropriate section in the appropriate ASCE 7.  I believe the 1997
UBC does point to ASCE 7-95 as for wind design or at least as a
supplement and/or alternative to what is directly in the UBC (which is
EXTREMELY limited).  And section 6.1.2 (in ASCE 7-93 at least...assume
that it is similar in ASCE 7-95 but I don't have that one) states: "The
overturning moment due to wind load shall not exceed two-thirds of the
dead load stabilizing moment unless the building or structure is anchored
so as to resist the excess moment."  I do know that in ASCE 7-98 they
"moved" the effects of this provision into a load combination (i.e. the
0.6*D+W combination) and eliminated this provision from being directly in
the wind load section.  I just don't know if that changed occurred for the
1995 edition or the 1998 edition.  The end result is the same...ASCE 7 has
had a provision since at least 1993 (earliest that I have in my
possession) that basically required a 1.5 FoS for wind load overturning.

Not to mention it is just good practice.  :-)


Adrian, MI

On Mon, 13 Feb 2006, S. Gordin wrote:

> Scott,
> While you are in this code-interpretation mood: where (if at all) does the code (UBC, ASD) require to have a safety factor of 1.5 against wind overturning?   I use that all the time, but now I cannot find it...
> Steve Gordin SE
> Irvine CA
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>   Subject: RE: retaining walls
>   It is volume 1 of the 97 UBC 106.2  number 5.  It is in most administrative codes in the "building permits required" section.
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>   Subject: retaining walls
>   I was asked by a client which CBC code section specifically requires a building permit for a retaining wall.  I'm sure this is in volume 1 tying into section 1611.6, but I wasn't sure exactly where.  This person also wanted to know if the 4 foot rule (walls over 4 foot from base of footing require engineering) was located in the CBC.  Isn't this a common city code rule, not a CBC requirement?  I didn't have time to research this and just coming off vacation my brain is a bit numb. ;-)
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