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Re: Staad - Seismic analysis

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On Feb 13, 2006, at 9:17 PM, Santhosh Kumar Yedidi wrote:

After this how to do using staad. Please can you guide me its urgent.
In our office they are using some lumped mass concept, what is the
theory behind it.
Don't rush into this. Response spectrum analysis isn't very intuitive, particularly if you don't have a good feel for structural dynamics. If you can read and understand _Structural Dynamics for the Practising Engineer_ by H. M. Irvine you probably have enough of the fundamentals to understand what's going on and how to debug problems. Timoshenko's _Vibration Problems in Engineering_ is another good one. I'm not a STAAD user, but I have heard some unpleasant things about it. I use COSMOS/M for response spectrum analysis, and I've had to spend a fair amount of time figuring workarounds for some of its foibles. Pushing through a rush project and trying to find your own mistakes is a bad combination.

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