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I faxed you pertinent pages from the 1977 NDS®, but to address your questions:
1) Yes, the size factor, C_F, was applicable to glulam. It was (12/d)^(1/9)
2) The slenderness factor C_s was part of the buckling equation for beams and not directly multiplied by F_b to obtain F_b'. It was used to determine if the beam was short, intermediate, or long.  It was then used in either the intermediate or long beam equation. However, F_b used in the intermediate equation was not to be modified by C_F. You would use C_F after using the intermediate or long buckling equation. You'll  hopefully see that more clearly in the fax  
Let me know if you have additional questions.

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Subject: FW: 1976 UBC GLULAM

I just posted the following to the list.  Maybe you can help.

Since I now have the 1976 UBC but not the 1978 NDS I would appreciate some help clarifying the following please:


When applying the modification factors to tabulated Fb, it appears that 'CF' (size effect factor) was applicable for Glulams as well as 'CS' (slenderness factor) per the UBC.

·         Is it true that 'CF' (size effect factor) was applicable for Glulams?

·         Is Fb' = tabulated FbxCFxCS or least of tabulated FbxCF or tabulated FbxCS



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