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RE: Staad - Seismic analysis

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From: bcainse(--nospam--at) [mailto:bcainse(--nospam--at)]
Why don't YOU ask them.  Or are you using a bootleg copy and thus can't access their customer service? 

That's a good question--even if it's NOT a "bootleg copy."
Several years ago, shortly after beginning work with a new employer, I found I needed to do some analysis. I found that we had some install disks for STAAD tucked away in a drawer somewhere--it wasn't installed on any machine. This was back in the day, when you had to have a "key disk."
I installed the software, etc., and did the analysis. But knowing that this software was about five years old, I decided to call REI about upgrading.
After giving the joker on the other end of the phone all the information about who we were, what version number, etc., he began to THREATEN me, because "your license has expired on this software, and you are not to use it unless you pay <umpteen thousands> in back-license fees" etc.
Of course, everything he said was bull****. True, the company had not paid the MAINTENANCE FEE, which entitles you to periodic upgrades, bug fixes, and telephone support, but of course I wasn't calling for software support, and we hadn't gotten any of the upgrades or bug fixes--because we weren't enrolled in their maintenance program!

Either the guy was full of **** and KNEW it, or he was full of **** and hadn't a clue. Either way didn't look good for him.
I finally gave up, and just continued to use the old, outdated version. A couple of years after that, at yet another employer in my checkered career, I had the "privilege" of using a fully-maintained version of STAAD that by then was "for Windows"--and many of the same bugs were there, and the software absolutely STUNK to use on 16-bit Windows, causing system crashes on a regular basis.
When I went out on my own, I finally had the opportunity to distance myself from STAAD completely, and went with another product whose concept of customer service is as different from REI as night is from day.
Bottom line: My experience with REI's customer support (so-called) over the years has been horrendous, and I wouldn't venture a call to them if I could get around it. Much better to confer with other users.
(Oh, and this reminds me that, after I made a similar statement here on SEAINT(-OT) list years ago, REI sent a letter to my employer demanding that I "cease and desist" and threatening to terminate our STAAD licenses! Wonder if they're still into that?)