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Re: PRACTICE: Direct Supervision

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As I had to recently do a take home exam on the board rules and PE act
laws to get my license in California, I can say that California takes a
similar view, although they are a bit more long winded and they still call
it "responsible charge".  They even use similar language at times (the
whole "communication device" bit).  I would paste it in or re-type it (it
is too long), but you can look it up under the board rules on the CA
board's website (or I can email it to you if you really is in
PDF form).

Michigan again takes a rather similar view (as I interpret the intent),
but is more "loose" with the wording...but Michigan is rather "looser"
in everything related to PE (and architectural) licensing.  The Michigan
PE Act states:

"(d) Person in responsible charge means a person licensed under this
article who determines technical questions of design and policy; advises
the client; supervises and is in responsible charge of the work of
subordinates; is the person whose professional skill and judgment are
embodied in the plans, designs, plats, surveys, and advice involved in the
services; and who supervises the review of material and completed phases
of construction."

Since it has been a while since I looked at what either Washington or
Illinois has to say on this matter (largely cause I have not done work
that requires the "use" of my license in those states), it is not fresh in
my mind what their take is on it.  It does, none the less, tell me that it
is time that I do refresh my memory on the licensure laws in those two


Adrian, MI

On Tue, 14 Feb 2006, Polhemus, Bill wrote:

> Beginning this year, the Texas Board of Professional Engineers has a new definition of "direct supervision" (what we old-timers used to know as "responsible charge.")
> I thought I'd put it out here for discussion. I'd be interested to know what other states' rules are in this regard.
> "Direct supervision - The control over and detailed professional knowledge of the work prepared under the engineer's supervision. The degree of control should be such that the engineer personally makes engineering decisions or personally reviews and approves proposed decisions prior to their implementation. The engineer must have control over the decisions either through physical presence or the use of communications devices."
> -- Texas Engineering Practice Act, Rules Eff. 01/01/06, 131.81 (10) (Emphasis NOT in original)
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