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RE: Staad - Seismic analysis

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With your STAAD "experiences", do you really care what they do?  I would assume WJE can get along quite nicely with other available software!  :<) 



I don’t care what whoever owns STAAD does. However, if I were coming to that software without long experience I would be wary, even with new ownership, of dealing with the STAAD folks.


My experiences with their customer “support” were uniformly poor.


That said, my very few experiences with the folks at Bentley were always good. One can hope that they integrate their corporate culture with the former REI’s, and obliterate the latter entirely.


Like Scott said: Expecting totally bug-free software is unrealistic. But when you do have problems, or when you want to deal with the software developer on any level, it’s nice to know they can be professional.


The general structural analysis and design software that my former practice used was supported by people whom I would trust babysitting my kids. They never have failed to do everything possible to make sure I was a happy camper.


So I know it can be done.