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Re: Stepped Bond Beams

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Good point. I'm in the checking phase of a project that has just such a detail. It turns out that the wind uplift is not an issue on this project, so I wasn't thinking of it as a design issue.


Harold Sprague wrote:

The main reason to develop the vertical bars is for wind uplift. About the best you can do is count on a #4 with 7" embedment. That does not give the hook much cover. If the bar is bigger, the embedment requirements are greater. I have just made it a practice to top CMU walls with a 2 course bond beam, then I have plenty of room for development of the hook and vertical rebar whether I need it or not.

This is mostly an issue outside of California where partially grouted walls are more common. It is a no cost in California and just the cost of the extra grout where partial grouted walls are used. In most applications it is no extra cost.

It takes a pretty heavy roof to avoid a net uplift at the top of the wall.

Harold Sprague

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