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So much talk about books on dynamics, that I must throw in my opinion.
I read:
>   Christopher Wright has, often, recommended a book by H M Irvine on the subject of structural dynamics. I am tempted to buy a copy. However, before doing so, I want to make sure that it is easier to comprehend than the book on the same subject by Clough and Penzien. I have a copy of the latter and I won't say that it is an easy read. If Christopher or others have knowledge of both the books, would they, please, share their thoughts?
My thought is this: I read the theory in a book, which gives me only
a fuzzy idea. Then I try to solve example problems and only then
a real learning comes.
There is a book
"Dynamics of Structures and Machinery; Problems and Solutions"
by G. Szuladzinski. (Wiley interscience, 1982)
It has some 300 problems solved in detail and nearly 200 with the answers provided.
Very wide scope. Simple approach, no triple integral BS.
Hope this helps.
Sincerely, Gregory from Oz