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RE: PEng license

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Paul Ransom wrote: 

There is no reciprocity with any US States (except Texas)...

You REALLY should consider a license for Alberta.  That's where the money is, today.  Somewhat like Texas attitudes. 



Along with our NHL and NBA teams, this is just one more example of Texas' superiority!  Texans have long considered Alberta to be the only right-thinking province of Canada and feel right at home in both Edmonton and Calgary.  I have worked in and enjoyed both of these fine examples of western civilization.  Those Texas/Alberta attitudes that you refer to are a big part of the reason that both economies are exploding.  So far this year, my small group has sold more than $850K in structural design fees without writing any proposals, participating in any interviews, or making any marketing calls.  For Gail's benefit, I should also mention that none of our sales are directly or indirectly related to politics.  Life is good!

In addition to all of Canada, Texas PEs enjoy reciprocity with all of Mexico.  Since Mexico is much closer, we tend to do more work down south than up north.

As you may have read, the newest sport in Texas is "Lawyer Hunting".  Unlike bird or deer hunting, it appears that no hunting license is required for lawyers in Texas, at least not yet.  To the best of my knowledge, there aren't any limits or seasonal restrictions either.


Stan R. Caldwell, P.E.
Dallas, Texas

Disclaimer:  I have lived in Texas for 35 years, but have never owned a gun.

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