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RE: Revit Structural and BIM

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Sorry this reply is delayed – wading through old stuff.


I’ve been using Revit for 2 years.  Our draftsman is a former experienced ADT user – he will never go back to ADT.  Enough said.


BIM is the future.  My advice is to grab hold of it and hold on.  2-D alone might as well be declared dead – I only use it for detailing.   The complex world of linking design process with documents with manufacturing is only going to get more complex, but will eventually be the way most jobs will be done.  The wood truss industry is just about on top of it, and it’s no wonder nobody stick-frames anymore.  The only question is what software platform do you select, so that when the dust clears you aren’t left with something that goes under or is gobbled up and put into eternal sleep by the aquisitioning behemoth (who will become the Microsoft of the construction world?).


Having said that, Revit Structure is another level beyond, but not for me, yet.  I’m still waiting for them to work out some glitches (my opinion), and for RISA 3-D(one of the linked programs) to have complete wood design available, including glulams.


Ed Tornberg

Tornberg Consulting, LLC


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Is anyone on this list using Revit Structural?  I’ve read through a bunch of their info, went to 2 seminars, and played around with it a little.  I think it’s a pretty great tool.  I was wondering if anyone else had an opinion on Revit or any other B.I.M. technology.  B.I.M. is a topic that I am very intrigued by which is why I venture to ask.  Any other B.I.M. aficionados out there?