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RE: Fees - was Re: Masonry Storage Facilities - fees!

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From: Bruce Holcomb [mailto:bholcomb(--nospam--at)]

If the contract between the engineer and client didn’t include any CA, then should the engineer solve construction problems?  I’m not saying I agree with that philosophy, but it happens.  If the engineers design was faulty or incomplete, I’d say he should work on a solution, but if not his fault, then shouldn’t be expected to work for free. 


However, many times problems arise where a “design error” exists in the minds of the contractor and the owner—usually the latter induced by the former—and everyone’s standing around waiting for the “witless” engineer to fix it.


Very often, you “go with the flow” and do the fix without expectation of compensation, just to get along. Even when you know your efforts aren’t to blame.


It stinks, but there you are.